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Full Version: WTS KEF + SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer 5.1 System
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WTS a 5.1 Home Theatre Set.
A. and B. Total asking $1.5k NETT.

A. KEF KHT 3005 series. ( without the KEF Sub)
KEF HTS 3001 Satellite Speaker
Glossy Black 5.0 fully working Speakers
2 Pairs EGG - Total 4 sets
1 Centre EGG
http://international.kef.com/explore-kef...00s/kht300 5

B. Bought from local retail with receipt $1539 on 1st April 2017. 
Still have few years warranty so buy with extreme confidence. )
An Awesome Monster Sub.

SVS Ported PB-2000
SVS Foot Isolators
Mint Condition 9.9/10

Demo b4 payment

Interest pm  u offer and mobile contact to my email pls

First come first served.

Thanks so much.